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Web design

Many small firms and companies in traditional professions are only half-hearted on the web, since they lack a clear idea of their presence here. It is very expensive to produce a good result, and the website constantly needs updating, and - this is a very important point - it should be integrated into the work flow in the firm. The web designer and the web editor should first of all be in close contact with the company. This prerequisite is met if the web presence is taking care of by a employee, but in my experience, external evaluation and counselling is a necessity.

I don't insist on doing all the work on a website, but a role as an adviser, constructive reviewer, and sparring partner is also excellent.

Programs, languages, and databases

Since my first web site emerged in the nineties, I have used a lot of web development tools. At the moment, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 is my favourite. I prefer to work in these languages and databases: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

Examples of Web Projects

See some examples of (Danish) web projects developed by me:


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