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Welcome to my site

I translate books and articles, do desktop publishing, and design and program web pages. On this web site you can find more information about these activities and services. In addition, you can read about me, and two of my interests, philosophy and the cosmology or spiritual science of the Danish mystical thinker, Martinus.

I studied philosophy at University of Southern Denmark - when is was called Odense University - for many years, and I graduated with a socalled mag.art. degree. This degree is equivalent to a Ph.D., although its not exactly the same. (A Danish Ph.D. is not exactly the same as an American Ph.D., either.)

At the age of 18, I became acquainted with the cosmology of Martinus, and I have been very interested in this ever since. Today, I am employed by the Martinus Institute, and that is a very meaningful occupation for me.

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